The word Tioga is reported to be of native American origin.  Most likely, Tioga originated from Mohawk (Iroquoian): 'where it branches in two', 'where it forks', or 'at the forks.'  

Given its source, the name Tioga is applied to localities and rivers in the Northeast.   Surprisingly, the place name leap-frogged across the country to where its use was registered in 1878 as the name of a mine in Bodie, California, and then two years later as a name for another mine near Mount Dana in the Eastern Sierra.  Presumably, this evolution of its use led to the naming of the iconic Tioga Road that winds its way up to Tioga Pass, the eastern gateway to Yosemite National Park.

We think Tioga is an apt description of the decisions made in selecting outdoor adventures as well as deciding which route or fork to take while out adventuring. At Tioga Gear, we strive to design products that will help you and your gear get to your next destination, whichever fork you decide to take.