Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Venture Duffel also a backpack?

While the Venture Duffel has fully detachable backpack straps, the duffel is not designed to be a dedicated backpack. The backpack straps help with short carry distances or to keep your hands free -- for example, transiting through an airport or while standing in line at an airport. A backpack typically has a waist belt and chest strap, whereas the Venture Duffel only has backpack straps.

Is the Venture Duffel waterproof?

The Venture Duffel is highly weather resistant and has many water resistant materials (main body, bag bottom, water resistant zippers), but it is not waterproof. The duffel is not designed to be submersed in water. Always double bag sensitive items, such as electronics, in a waterproof dry bag prior to storing them in the Venture duffel.

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Where do you ship?

Tioga currently ships products to the United States and provides free shipping to anywhere in the continental US.